Yoko Meshi

The origin of the word Yoko Meshi is Japanese and it refers to the peculiar excitement of speaking a foreign language – it literally means A Meal Eaten Sideways.

To me, this sounds very adventurous! How does one eat a meal sideways? Do you need to be lying on your side while you eat the meal? Or maybe you need to hold the meal on it’s side while you eat it….

To eat a meal sideways do you first need to prepare it sideways? Are you allowed to swap sides? What are the rules!? Are you able to occasionally face it straight on?

The excitement I feel over my coming adventure is similar to how I imagine Yoko Meshi to feel – I’m unsure of what it may hold, and I’m not exactly sure of what I’m getting myself into or where it will take me, or how I will tackle this adventure (sideways… or face it head on?), but I’m certain it will be an adventure (I guess those who have studied adventure subjects at University, such as myself, know this means it has uncertain outcomes, holds some amount of risk, and evokes conflicting emotions).


I’m about to embark on a South American wandering. I have no exact plans. Let’s see where the tides take me! Let’s see if I can, in fact, eat that meal sideways.


Picture above taken by Anne McCallum (my mum), you can view her website here: anneemccallumphotography.com to see more amazing images.

I’m ready to explore the world, one shell at a time!


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