What it’s like to ride a bike on the moon. 

Okay, so maybe I didn’t actually ride a bike on the moon, but I did ride a bike through Valle de la Luna – valley of the Moon. And it isn’t hard to see why it’s called that. With lunar formations and red dusty hills, and a few huge sand dunes, this is a cool valley where you might actually find yourself thinking you’re on the moon…except for the whole gravity thing (you know, apples falling  from branches and landing on the ground as opposed to floating around aimlessly). 


Before your imagination runs away with you, let me tell you, riding a bike in the desert thigh a valley named after the moon might sound fun and like a good alternative to taking a tour on a bus, but it is hard, sweaty, hot salty, dry, out of breath, dirty, tear streaked hard-bloody-work. It is anything but easy. There is no shade and no break from the sun, and a lot of it is on a steady incline, as well as sections being on a very sandy road. 

If you’re reasonably fit and mentally prepared for all of this I think it would be quite fun, also with good company! But I think your bet bet to do some of the valleys without a tour is to hitch hike. I saw and spoke to many people doing it and they had a much better time then I did. 

Don’t get me wrong again, I had a great time. I’m definitely the sort of person who likes to get dirty (ask my mum), so getting covered in dirt and sweat was almost fun, but the views and formations you get to see from some of the lookouts was what made it worth it for me. I even tried to film myself walking like an astronaut on the moon – I think the desert sun may have gotten to me a bit. 


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