Jumping for joy at Piedras Rojas and some really blue really cool lagunas

It was another exciting day with my new friends Ever Further, after a late night of star gazing in the desert, counting the stars in the Milky Way until late with the company of a random dog, we got up early for a 7am pick up from Flamingo Tour operators – we were going to see the famous Red Rocks on the side of an emerald green salty lake…. among other exciting places! 

First stop was the salt flat! The 3rd largest and nothing like its cousin in Bolivia, this lumpy salty place felt like a different world. Stretching far to the mountains in the distance, with reflective lakes on the other side filled with flamingoes, and a flat salted area in between appearing like it has been littered with piles of dirty snow, this was a strange strange place that even smelled like salt. 

Do you see the cool lizard hidden in the salt (he’s been assaulted…)

We took some photos and I tasted the salt (waaay too salty on it’s own, I needed some chips!), I made some jokes about being assaulted (ahaha get it?), and we had baguettes, coffee and bananas for breakfast! 

We then drove to the mountains and out of the desert, but not before we got a flat tyre and were stranded on the side of the road for 20 minutes while our driver fixed the problem, a perfect opportunity for….. yep, you guessed it, more photos! 

Along the way we saw all kinds of wildlife but most surprising of all were the emus! I had more idea emus existed outside of Australia!! 

We also saw a cute little Viscacha – a rabbit with kangaroo ears and a funny tail. (He is hidden in the rocks just there)

Arriving at Piedras Rojas really took our breath away – we abandoned our shoes and ran for the clear blue water that was clearly calling to us! 

After some exploration here…. and a lot of photos later….

we got back in the bus and went to our lunch destination, the best restaurant in Chile, by the side of Laguna miscanti – what a view! With the wind blowing in our hair and the sun in our eyes, we ate a lavish lunch of pasta, chicken and vegggies (yum, even some avacado!). 

We then walked down and along to the neighbouring Laguna and enjoyed the sight of some vicuña playing by the edge of the water and a young vicuña stirring up trouble. 

Back in the bus and to the tropic of caricorn and a section of the inka trail (apparently it stretches about 33 thousand kilometres!!!). 

Back to San Pedro and time for Mojitos in the square and chilling out – our last night in the desert! It had been a great day with some great company.  


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