If you ever find yourself in the island of Chiloe, a walk and stay at the Cole Cole beach in the Chiloe National Park is a must do.

It’s a beautiful walk, easy to find, and when you arrive, you will think you’re in paradise.

Here’s how you do it in ten easy steps.

Step one – find some loveable hiking buddies:

Step two – hitch hike from Cucao to the bridge (or as far as you can on the ‘road’ which is really a stretch of beach and sand dunes for most of the way).

Step three – enjoy the sand…

Cross the bridge…. I swear it’s safe

Step five – fill up your water on top of the hill at a small house (you will see signs), and then find the mermaid cows.

Step six – pay 1000 pesos and register with the private property to walk up the path

Step seven – enjoy the climb, take breaks at the many lookouts, look for whales, enjoy the views.

Look – a whale!

Step eight – arrive at paradise

Step nine – set up camp and run along the beach. If you’re game, go for a swim. You can find water in a small stream next to the red house – I would recommend purifying it. Make friends and play cards on the beach.

Step ten – watch the sunset  over the Pacific Ocean

Nice and easy!

Enjoy – I certainly did! (Felt like singing the Jurassic park theme tune several times – I think it’s best to sing it loud and sing it proud!)


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