Retracing Buffy the Vampire slayers steps (sort of…) – wandering around the Punta Arenas Cemetery 

Is it just me, or are graveyards full of intrigue, mystery and totally interesting places? I thought I loved walking around cemeteries already, but when I heard the Punta Arenas one is in the top ten attractions of the city

(weird huh? Either it’s a really good graveyard or Punta arenas doesn’t have much going for it), I had to visit it!

So if you’re not a little strange like me, and graveyards freak you out, or it just seems weird/wrong/odd to visit a cemetery as an attraction or a nice morning out, you should push all those thoughts aside and next time you find yourself in Punta Arenas, way down South in Chile, make sure you go to the cemetery! It’s a good half-day activity and teamed up with a visit to one or two of the museums, your day will be filled up, cultural and awesome!

Okay, so it was a little quirky wandering around this place and here’s why (just look at the photos):

Yep, the dead are buried above ground in a sort of library, complete with ladder – all stacked up in a somewhat practical way…

it’s not the only reason it’s an intriguing place – just look at those Doctor Seuss hedges lining the streets on this 4 hectare property!

Finally, all those little houses/fancy huts that you see, those are also full of dead bodies and shrines, memories, and some even have stairs that go down below….

Seriously, I’m not talking crazy, this place is an amazing place in such a  grey, harsh city, make sure you see it for yourself (it’s free too!). It’s bursting with colours, memories, old photographs, wild flowers popping out of graves, and very intriguing ‘shelves’, family houses, and interesting plaques (yep that does say ‘¡GERMAN!’ – turns out that was the guys name,  they weren’t just shouting out that he was German (it took some figuring out)….). Take your time to walk along the dozens of crooked streets and pay your respects to the loved ones whose bodies rest here, enjoy the interesting place, you won’t regret it (maybe you’ll even feel a little like Buffy the Vampire slayer, walking through the graveyard, keep your eyes peeled for anything ‘strange’ ).

It’s amazing how humans can make something so beautiful out of death.


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