Fairy forests  – Tierra del Fuego National Park

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul…”

Tierra del Fuego is the most southern National Park in the world. It is also insanely beautiful, wild, and magical.

My new friends and I (4 of us), loaded up with food and our camping gear set off on the local bus to the Park. Whilst it cost $210 Argentine pesos to get in, the camping sites were free! We decided to stay close to Laguna Verde, right on the edge of a beautiful flowing inlet, with mountains in the background, and green Beech forest stretching in every direction. Our tents were often surrounded by wild Geese, little sparrows, and strange vulture birds, all of who made incredible sounds, whistling, honking and singing early in the morning, accompanying the spectacular sunrises that spilled the first light over our tents.

It felt like we were in a bubble. Everything else was far away and the only thing that mattered or occupied our minds was where we were, who we were there with, and of course, what food we would eat next!

The first day was spent exploring some of the paths to the south. We walked along board walks and through forests, happened across a section that had been destroyed by beavers, and made it to a stunning section of coast. Over the water, the mountains we could see belonged to Chile, and we think we got to the border on our side too… but maybe it really was just a protected section fenced off….

We basked in the sun with crunchy apples on a rock, letting the sea breeze tickle our ears as it whispered secrets at us. We watched a tiny duckling follow its careless parents around, desperately trying to keep up. We found a light-house/light-tower, and Jack promptly claimed it as his and ascended the creaky ladder. We jumped over a barrier onto a wobbly pier and I pretended to be a whale (surprise). And we eventually wandered back to our campsite and watched the setting sun turn the clouds pink, slowly the bright stars blinked to life one by one, and we all went to bed full of hot Milo and laughter.

And some photos of the sunset:

There really isn’t anything like being snuggled up and cosy in your sleeping bag, in your tent, watching the morning come to life out the door, with the cool, fresh air waking you up better then any coffee ever will. It was one of those moments when the world feels frozen in time, every detail slowly becoming ingrained in your memory to picture later, the brilliant glow of the sky, the soft whistling of the birds, the water trickling over rocks, and the stillness of the early morning as everyone still sleeps, or those who are awake rush to get ready for the day, oblivious to the beauty laid out in front of them, if only they took a moment to open their eyes to the sky!

Tierra del Fuego did this – it turned me corny and wistful, it made me feel like magic was all around me! Maybe it was the melancholy feeling making me reflective, knowing I wouldn’t get to stay forever, knowing I’d be going home soon.

Maybe there is something special about being so far south, in a place you’d imagine to be desolate and windswept but actually is full of life and delicate places (okay, and a little bit windswept…)

This post will end here, but there is so much more to tell about the adventures that were had in Tierra del Fuego, so stay tuned folks!


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