I forgot the penguins

I forgot to post about the amazing penguins I got to walk around with out at Magdellenas island from Punta Arenas. But here it is!

Pretty much we watched the sunrise as we floated across the Magellan Strait towards the island covered in birds and penguins.

These little guys were so cute, a lot of juveniles and lots of feathers malting everywhere.

We walked around the island up to the light house, careful to stay on the path and give these little guys a bit of space when necessary.

Once we were back on the boat we had a hot coffee and some cookies, all piled onto the rough and floated past another island littered with sea lions. They made such a racket, all honking rudely at each other, it was fairly comical.

We sailed back to Punta Arenas and kept our eyes out for whales and dolphins – we saw many small black and white dolphins playing around our boat, and one whale way in the distance! It was a great morning!

I did the tour with Solo Expeditions and our tour guide was very helpful and full of information! I took way too many photos of the penguins on this day.


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