A brief stop-over at home.


I haven’t written a blog post in a while, so thought I should continue my adventure!

South America feels like a bit of a dream…. What an adventure it was. Life is so odd being home.

What an amazing time I have had at home. It’s been so full on, with so many friends and family to spend time with, and my beautiful horse – Jackaroo (and my other horses too). I’ve filled in my few weeks without a day to stop and breath. It’s been fun in the city, at the beach, at the Botanical Gardens, at Nug Nug, horse riding, baking, visiting neighbours, making jam, swimming in the pool, visiting nice wineries and now with one day to go before I head off again on the next adventure, time to pack and sort out my life a bit!

I think anyone who has been travelling has possibly experienced the post travel blues. It’s the come-down after an exciting adventure. The return to normality. The realisation that nothing much has really changed back home but you still view it in a new or different light (is that enlightenment…. or is it a new perspective… maybe arrogance even?) …. confusing! But it’s manageable. I find that the best trick is to find adventure in every day. Plan adventures. Jump in the pool when it’s raining! Be spontaneous even though it’s easier to fall into regular routines. Another brilliant idea is to continue travelling. Which is what I’m doing (I’m brilliant). Though, I feel a bit sad about leaving home this time. It hasn’t been that long at home, and whilst I am extremely excited for my next adventure, I haven’t had a lot of time to unwind and spend as much time with my family as I wished I had.

So instead of focusing on the sadness I might be feeling, this post is all about the excitement and opportunities that I’ve got over the next 6 months, and the fun I’ve had at home since I’ve been back!

My next adventure is taking me to Iceland! woohoo! I won’t spoil it too much (I hope to keep up my blog while I’m there and continue to take photos to share with you all!) but I’ll be working at a Horse Riding Tour Guide Company just south of Reykjavik. A dream come true! The company is called Ishestar and you can follow this link to find out more information about them!

Life in Iceland is going to be another big adventure. I can’t wait to run up some more volcanoes, climb some ice and hike some glaciers…. but I especially can’t wait to meet these gorgeous Icelandic Horses!


(This photo was taken from one of the blog posts from Ishestar… I hope they don’t mind me borrowing it here).

Leave comments for me if you have any advice, ideas or places to visit you would suggest if you’ve ever been or wanted to go to Iceland!

“Normality is a paved road. It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it” – Vincent Van Goh. This quote is somewhat accurate I think when you’re home for a long time. But for me, my life has never been exactly normal! My family are a bit whacky (or is it just me?), and we are always doing odd and exciting things! My Grandpa is a passionate traveller and went on many adventures with the Royal Navy, he and his family (my mum and her siblings and my Grandma) all went on an amazing adventure moving across the globe from Scotland to Australia, so maybe that’s where it all stems from….



My time at home has been non-stop excitement and lovely moments. I’ve ridden my beautiful horse, Jackaroo, lots and lots – Even Freya, my niece had a go!





I’ve swum in the pool out the back a large amount of times.


I’ve caught up with my wonderful friends, sisters and one of my brothers (the other is currently residing in Japan).





I’ve run down vineyards….



I’ve danced like a crazy person…. (is this new?)

I’ve been to the beach, buried my feet and built sandcastles with Freya. I also tried to practise some photography and became a bit obsessed with black and white….







And lately I’ve been working on a WordPress website for a project my friend Chloe Grey, my mum and I are working on together. Chloe is the talented lady who put together my video for me from my South America trip. You can check out her YouTube channel by following this link. Chloe and my mum are heading to Zambia in June (I’ll be in Iceland) to film a short documentary/film about an amazing organisation. You can see the website and read more or even donate some funds towards it if you’re feeling particularly generous by following this link! 

Overall, it has been a busy and productive time at home. I haven’t exactly returned to normality yet so the post travel blues haven’t set in quite just yet… lucky me! I hope you enjoyed the collection of funny photos on this post.

Tomorrow I fly to London and spend a couple of weeks in the UK and then off for the next chapter of my life…. stay tuned for upcoming stories!


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