The South Coast of Iceland

What does the ocean awaken inside of you?

That piercing salty smell of the air.

The stretch of the horizons – broken only by the azure of the sky, and the crashing of the waves.

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The gem of the pacific; a city that leaks colour. 

Colour leaks out of the streets as bits of gardens dribble down the paint-streaked walls. A city full of rainbows and emotions. It bursts with confusion, clutter, poetry, and jumbled up streets that climb the hills next to the Pacific. Valparaiso – warmly referred to as ‘Valpo’ by many Chileans, is my final destination in South America.

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A sad Farewell to Tierra del Fuego

It was the perfect morning, lazily wandering around the random trails, exploring the inlets and hidden picnic places, a nice way to say gooodbye to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I’ll be back one day, land of fire! Farewell Tierra del Fuego ❤️…

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Hiking Cerro Guanaco –  the windswept ridge and angry peak. 

I love to climb mountains. Hiking up through thick forests, into a peat bog and onto the windswept, barren ridge, Cerro Guanaco was a beautiful hike, yet contained many challenges – as most mountains do!

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