The South Coast of Iceland

What does the ocean awaken inside of you?

That piercing salty smell of the air.

The stretch of the horizons – broken only by the azure of the sky, and the crashing of the waves.

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A wander around quirky Reykjavik

Reykjavik is home to 3/4 of Iceland’s population – yet it is still a small town-like city. With a friendly and very relaxed atmosphere it was easy to wander the streets, and every shop or cafe I walked into was warm and welcoming.

I never thought I’d end up in a Penis Museum… to tell the truth, I didn’t know that a museum of penises even existed… but who was I kidding…. A Penis Museum was just what this town needed. With quirks like this, I saw Iceland’s odd sense of humour shining through, and I liked what I saw! ha ha ha.

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A small taste of Iceland – The Golden Circle

Welcome to Iceland. A tiny place with a big heart. Housing a small population of between 350,000 people and 400,000 people, but home to nearly 2 million tourists every-year, a scary figure that keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Iceland was something just completely out of this world. It felt to me, like going to another planet.

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The gem of the pacific; a city that leaks colour. 

Colour leaks out of the streets as bits of gardens dribble down the paint-streaked walls. A city full of rainbows and emotions. It bursts with confusion, clutter, poetry, and jumbled up streets that climb the hills next to the Pacific. Valparaiso – warmly referred to as ‘Valpo’ by many Chileans, is my final destination in South America.

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Retracing Buffy the Vampire slayers steps (sort of…) – wandering around the Punta Arenas Cemetery 

Is it just me, or are graveyards full of intrigue, mystery and totally interesting places? I thought I loved walking around cemeteries already, but when I heard the Punta Arenas one is in the top ten attractions of the city

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Jumping for joy at Piedras Rojas and some really blue really cool lagunas

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